Parking lots light: Areas of application

by Charles Timbang
parking pole light

Parking pole lights are seen around the corners of every business outfit out there. These businesses have come to realize the level of importance attached to the installation of these fixtures. The lighting fixtures illuminate every corner of the parking lot, and this dissuades potential crime perpetrators.

Furthermore, having a network of lighting fixtures around the parking lot helps draw attention to the business. People like to transact in areas where they feel they can safely transact without fear. Asides business entities, various other sectors have found the use of parking lots of lights advantageous. This article highlights some of the areas where parking lot lights are useful.


A production factory is where it all happens in terms of manufacturing and packaging. It’s not out of place to see situations where the work level would require the workers to work through the night. Often, these factories have a vast population of workers that come to work with their vehicles. It’s the responsibility of the factory management to ensure the safety of these vehicles. Parking pole lights can ensure that no damage of any sort is done to these vehicles while parked.


The malls in big cities are often regarded as the highlight and center of attraction of those cities. People come from far and near to shop for food and groceries in bulk. Malls are often designed with ample parking spaces due to the influx of people daily. It takes an excellent lighting system to keep things in order in those parking lots at night.

Sporting complexes

You could argue that this area is where the need of LED lighting system is most pronounced. Sporting complexes play host to various sporting activities during the day and night. Contact sports require the players to go up against one another to contest for duels. It’s near impossible to participate in these sporting activities under dim lights as players could get injured. It’s often mandated that a proper lighting system be put in place in the sporting arenas to ensure fair play.


People like to go to parks in their leisure time to relax and while away time. These parks are often filled to the brim with excited visitors on sightseeing outing. The importance of putting an excellent light network in such parks cannot be overemphasized. Aside from the fact that the lights highlight the park’s unique features, it also attracts passersby to the park.

Train stations and airports

The influx of people to train stations to board trains to their destination is a constant routine. Usually, a big parking lot is constructed on the site of these train stations where they can park their vehicles. The same can be said of parking lots in airports where the need for a proper lighting system takes precedence. These parking lots are usually vast, making it necessary to install efficient LED lighting bulbs.

Final Thought

Parking lots are known to attract a bevy of activities daily, and this is precisely why the area is prone to rowdiness at night. The installation of LED lighting in these parking lots introduces some level of organization and calm.

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