Top 4 Ideas On How To Use OSRS Gold Coins

by Charles Timbang

If there is one thing most Runescape players fuss about, then it has to be the gold coins. There are so many places you can mine the coins, and people have chosen to deal in OSRS Gold coins. With all this fuss, one cannot help but ask, how do you use OSRS gold coins, and why are people making such a huge fuss about it. By learning about this gold, one can know its value and appreciate it even better. Here are some of the things you can do with your OSRS gold coins.

1. Trade them

While this is not something that the platform allows, you can trade with several people and give your gold for cash. If you look online, you will see several sites looking to sell or buy coins. If you do not need the coins in your game, then you can send them to another payer for money. It goes a long way to act as a reward for your hard work.

2. Buy RuneScape bonds

If you want access to some exclusive features in the game, you can use your gold coins to buy them. Since the game does not accept money as payment, you will have to use your gold to access these areas. It can be exciting for you, especially if you plan on advancing in the game. The bonds might be expensive, but they are the best way to become a Runescape member.

3. Improve your skills and character

 Playing on the RuneScape platform means that you have to nurture a lot of skills over time. While there are some skills you will get, making them efficient can take its toll on you. It, therefore, makes sense if you have your gold coins. By using the gold coins, you can improve your skills and become a better player. Building your kingdom in RuneScape needs you to be a serious investor in the gold coins.

The gold coins you use might be a lot, but in the end, they will ensure that you play the game without hitches. Having the gold also means you do not have to go mining every time you need to advance to a new level or upgrade your skills. The gold acts like a free pass to all the amazing features of the game.

4. Keep it in storage

If you are a hoarder in every sense, then you have the choice of keeping your gold. It will not lose its value or anything like that, but you get to open your account and look at it there. While this is not something most people recommend, it does not hurt anyone if you choose to have the money lying around.



If you love a virtual reality game, then you will love OSRS RuneScape. The game has been developed and keeps improving all the time. The only thing you will need to remember is to have enough gold coins as they will be your ticket to unlimited fun.

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