6 Important Items for Bathroom Vanity Décor

by Charles Timbang

It’s not enough to simply want to remodel your bathroom. It’s also not just enough to buy new bathroom vanity. If you want to create a relaxing, beautiful, and attractive bathroom space, you need to carry out a bathroom vanity décor. 

Most people don’t deem it as important. To them, bathroom vanity units alone add the beauty that a bathroom need. They don’t want to go the extra mile to create a beautiful and fancy environment.

But you have decided to make your bathroom vanity gorgeous. Well done!

Here are very important items you need for your bathroom vanity décor.

What You Need for Bathroom Vanity Décor
No 1. Bathroom Vanity Décor Item- Large Wall Mirror
Most people underestimate the power a large wall mirror has on a vanity space, and the bathroom generally.

When designing a bathroom vanity space, you must create a space for large wall mirrors even if it’s a small bathroom. It is recommended that you buy mirrors with fancy edges (preferably decorated with lights). Let this large mirror be the focal point of your bathroom.

But if you have a small bathroom and desire to conserve space, you can look for shelves and cupboards with mirrors

Garden stool
Imagine a garden stool and a large wall mirror. It gives this sophisticated and classy look to your bathroom space.

If you’re going for a modern and contemporary look, silver and grey garden stools will be the perfect mix. If you want a traditional or ancient look, you can buy a custom-made traditional stool with details and carvings. They aren’t expensive and it will make your bathroom unique.

Light wall sconces
Why use an ordinary light bulb or conventional lamp stands when you can use a unique light wall sconce?

They aren’t as expensive as most people think. Light wall sconces give this elegant and sophisticated look to your bathroom space if you’re on a tight budget.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying light wall sconces but the most important things to consider are the intended functions of the lights and the décor taste of the bathroom.

Robe hangers/towel spreaders
If you’ve been hanging your robes or spreading your towels over the door or above the sink, now is the time to change things.

You must have towel spreaders and robe hangers in your bathroom. It is recommended that you buy fancy and durable ones.

York jars
You wouldn’t want your items to be littered all over your vanity space or bathroom, so you need York jars. York jars come in different sizes and they are cost-effective.

If you don’t have a cupboard or glass shelf, you can use York jars to pack little items like sanitary pads, makeup pads, cotton balls, wrapped bar soaps, etc.

Candle set
Do I really need a candle set?

Yes, you do.

If you want to enjoy a romantic experience with your loved one, candle sets in bathrooms can really set the mood. Scented candles work magic.

So why not yours while you still can? It promises to be an awesome experience.   

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