Safety Guidelines for Power Washer Hose Operation

by Charles Timbang

Handling a power washer hose is relatively easy. There are guidelines and steps to follow to make the best of the entire experience. This is similar to every other tool or equipment. The Giraffe Tools Retractable pressure washer hose reel is easy to handle. It was a powerful motor with smooth handling that was designed to meet customer needs. The power washer hose operation is straightforward.

Upon purchase, the equipment usually comes with guidelines and instruction manuals. This makes it easy to operate. Some would say that it is a little too easy to operate. With this in mind, the manufacturers have outlined safety guidelines. These safety guidelines simply refer to steps to take with the power washer hose operation.

Safety Guidelines of the Power Washer Hose Operation

These guidelines have two major aims. The first and most important aim is to ensure the safety of the customer. The customer’s safety is every manufacturer’s paramount concern. Or at least it should be. At giraffe tools, we make this our top priority.

We might not be able to cover all of the safety guidelines, but the major ones will be handled. They include but are limited to:

  1. Avoid using fragile substances. This could lead to undue damage which is uncalled for. High pressure means that it exerts a significant amount of pressure. This would lead to the breaking of fragile objects.
  1. Whenever it is being connected, the current being supplied should meet certain criteria. The power supply should be equipped with an adequate earth connection.
  1. Disconnect with care. Do not fiercely pull to disconnect the plug.
  1. In case of any interruptions during use, immediately unplug. This should be done before trying to figure out what exactly went wrong. Even if there is nothing wrong, this should be done before restarting the appliance.
  1. Then for those on medication, the operating of this machine should be put off. This guideline also applies to those who have ingested any amount of alcohol. As well as those who are “tired”. These people should hold off from operating this machine for safety reasons.
  2. Do not leave the equipment plugged into a power supply while not using it. In other words, if one would not be close enough to keep an eye on the power washer hose, it should be properly kept away.
  1. When being used on tires, the hoses should be kept at a distance of at least 30 centimeters. This would go a long way in ensuring that the water propulsion does not lead to an explosion. This could occur if, during the propulsion, the valve is affected.

For this particular purpose, it is advisable not to make use of a rotating nozzle kit. This helps to aim better and avoid certain parts of the tire.

  1. Last but not least, the voltage and frequency supplied should correspond with the standard set for the washer. This standard is mostly indicated in the washer’s data card.


These guidelines are all extremely important. However, there are so many others which could be given. All of these and many more are present on the site.

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