Is getting a cheap makeup really worth it?

by Charles Timbang

Not knowing if you should get an expensive brand or cheap makeup can be draining when you do not already have one in mind before heading for the store. Now you have to stand there and wonder why this highlighter is cheaper than that one. Could it be that this maquillage pas Cher is made from low-quality ingredients?

Many people go for more expensive makeup if they can afford it just so they can say how much they bought it with pride. Others may buy it because they feel it has to be of better quality if it is more expensive. But is cheap makeup really worse than expensive ones for your skin?

Well, the answer is in the negative. A dermatologist based in New York says most of the products that her patients suspect to be the cause of their skin reactions and irritation run on both sides of the price scale. Some are very expensive while others are quite cheap.

The factors that cause the particular makeup brand to become expensive are not the quality but the nice packaging or an affiliation to a brand name.

What if the makeup is too cheap?

Experts in dermatology warn against blindly trusting brands. Brands with a name are more accountable. In many cases, they will want to protect their brand name. They usually have at least a decent amount of accountability that comes with the business.

Some makeup can be very cheap with no name. You are advised not to use them. It might cost you less to go without makeup than that no-name brand. When there is a name attached to any article you are less likely to have problems.

So How Do You know what cheap makeup to choose?

Since you can not decide on what makeup to buy based on the price, how then do you make a pick? Experts advise that you read the ingredients on the pack. If you don’t see any ingredients you should move to the next brand.

You can also take recommendations from friends and family. Knowing what works for them and what could work for you will help you make a decision even before getting to the store. Making that decision makes your search more precise and you will not fall for no-brand products.

What to Avoid For Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin or eczema-prone skin should stay away from fragrance. Dermatologists say it is linked to contact dermatitis or an itchy rash that results from having direct contact with the substance.

Dermatitis can also be caused by some preservatives used to prevent bacteria and microbes from growing on the products. The preservatives usually found in your blush, lip gloss, foundation, eye shadows and eyeliners can be toxic to the skin of some people.

Diethyl phthalate which is used to hold color, shine or fragrance, or even impart flexibility has been associated with allergic effects after human studies. Allergic effects like asthma, wheezing, coughing and might be able to exert skin effects too.

Should you get a cheap makeup?

The bottom line is that you should get a cheap makeup. However, while doing so, make sure you do not sacrifice quality.

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