5 Garden Hose Safety Precautions You Don’t Want To Ignore

by Charles Timbang

Watering tasks such as watering the garden can best be carried out using a retractable garden hose. Why a retractable hose? A retractable hose is a hose that does not occupy much space because it shrinks when it is not in use. Therefore, it is easy to store.

In general, hoses are used to water gardens and are manufactured to be flexible, reliable, and convenient. Subsequently, we are going to be providing basic information about gardening and things you should know about the garden hose.

What Is Gardening?

Gardening is commonly referred to as a process of cultivating plants in a given area. In a scientific sense, gardening involves processes and techniques of planting plants including flowers in a given area.

While in an ornamental sense, it is an artistic venture that encompasses planting in an organized way that can be described as “Harmonious and pleasing to the eye.”

What is a Garden Hose?

A garden hose, also known as a hosepipe or hose, is a flexible hollow tube used to transport water. Generally, they are made of soft plastic or synthetic plastic. Most times, they are reinforced with a web of a different fiber crisscrossed internally to make it stronger and more long-lasting.

What You Should Know About Garden Hose and Safety Tips

Below is basic information about garden hoses and safety measures.

1. Keep away from too much sunlight

When left in sun for so long, some garden hoses can kink, crack and become brittle due to the heat. Although some hoses like rubber hoses are less susceptible to kink and crack under the sun, it is good to store your hoses away from the sun.

2. Always drain after every use

After every use, you must ensure that all the water has been drained off from your hose properly. This is because if water is carelessly left in a hose and the hose is left in the sun or a hot area, the trapped water will expand, resulting in the weakening or bursting of your hose.

3. Get a reel for your hose

Always ensure to reel up your hose after every use. This makes sure that your hose is in place and not on the ground when someone else can unknowingly run it over with a lawnmower or a vehicle. This is one of the leading causes of cracks on hoses.

4. Go for shorter hoses

You may not know this but extra-long hoses can decrease water pressure. Therefore, avoid choosing hoses that are longer than what you seem to need. Instead, you can buy shorter hoses and attach them together to get your ideal length.

5. Connect to a water wand

Hoses can do their tasks well enough but when attached to an adjustable nozzle or water wand, it does its work more effectively. This is because nozzle attachment gives you the liberty of controlling water flow.

You may want a light spray to water your flower beds or a bursting stream to wash off dirt from your sidewalk or car. Anyways, you are in control.


A Garden hose is one piece of equipment you can’t do without if you care so much about your garden. With a garden hose, watering and thus general maintenance of the garden is made easy.

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