Aftermarket BMW navigation system: The perfect solution

by Charles Timbang

Traveling via car to someplace and stuck in traffic? Don’t know the direction or looking for an easy route to reach the destination? Well, we are here to ease you out to find the easiest route for you and enroll your driving experience to the next level with our Aftermarket BMW Navigation System.

GPS Navigation:

With the high-quality inbuilt GPS navigation system, driving is not a big deal for you now. You can drive hassle-free on even the unknown paths without losing track of where you are. The GPS system supports Google Maps, Waze, iGo, Navitel, Sygic, and many others. It also facilitates you with the online and offline modes for a precise driving guide.

What’s inside the Box?

The 10.0/9.0 Android OS powers the navigation system with 4 GB RAM and 32GB/ 64GB ROM with Octa-core CPU. So that you can install as many updated apps as you want and high-speed operation with efficiency. The navigation system provides also provides you:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Hotpot Connectivity
  • Website Browsing
  • Online streaming
  • Bluetooth Support
  • Hands-Free Calling
  • Audio Streaming
  • 1080P video playback support
  • Digital TV box support and DVR input
  • Apple Carplay support

And much more to have a safe and pleasing journey where you never get bored with your long drive.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core CPU:

This additional hardware unit provides 4G LTE SIM Card support forever-lasting internet connectivity, whether you connect it to your cellphone or any other Wi-Fi device or not. So, there is no need to worry about internet support with BMW Navigation System.

BMW User Interface:

Provides you with the latest BMW user interfaces of IDV7, IDV6, and IDV5 to choose any of the three and set them in your factory setting without the need for firmware up gradation. (IDV5 not compatible with the 1920×720 screen)

Smart Connectivity:

With the Screen Mirror Link, you can connect and control this device with your cellphone. Connect the phone wirelessly or with the help of a USB cable to link the device and easy access for your apps. Enjoy the bidirectional control so that you can switch entirely to your phone or the Navigation system to access all that you want and focus to focus more on driving.


The 10.25″ complete display having resolution of HD 1920×720/ 1280×480 comes with the anti-reflection and anti-glare screen for a crisp image even on a bright sunny day. The sensitive capacitive touch makes your screen interaction much more manageable.

Integrate with the Car Functions:

You can use all your car functionalities even after installing this navigation system just like before, including the CD/DVD, Radio, Bluetooth, Amplifier, Steering Control, parking radar, and many more. So, update your car by having control over the previous functions separately.


We are offering you:

  • 1xPower Cable
  • 1xGPS Antenna
  • 1xRCA (DVR/TV in)
  • 1xAUX cable
  • 1x4G LTE antenna

We are currently offering additional free gifts of 1xMIC for Bluetooth, an 8-GB SD Card with pre-loaded maps.

Other Key Features:

The other vital functions include:

  • Built-in dimmer for adjusting the screen light as per your ease
  • Touch screen Interface
  • USB and SD card Support
  • Frame within a frame for multiple pictures

So, enjoy driving your BMW with this new plug and play navigation system to drive on roads you have never been to before.

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