Various types of dump trucks and their unique features

by Charles Timbang

There are various types and shapes of trucks in the truck manufacturing market today. There are even more people who are virtually in love with trucks. But for this article, while pick-ups and other monster trucks are relevant, we would be focusing on the real giants of the truck world. The construction site trucks and other trucks that are used for heavy lifting.

Trucks capable of lifting tonnes upon tonnes of materials at a time. We will be focusing on how you could identify different types of dump trucks without much stress. More importantly, why do they matter? Isn`t a dump truck regardless of the design? There are various dump truck factories and hence various types of dump trucks. What makes them unique?

Description of Dump Trucks

While various custom jobs can be done on a dump truck leading to several additional features, some things just do not change. By way of appearance, a typical dumper truck should be equipped with an open-box bed. The open-box bed would usually be attached to the rear of the truck. The open-box bed has a feature that is equally unique to the dumper trucks.

The typical dump truck would usually have hydraulic rams attached to the front side of the open-box bed. This is to enable the bed to be able to raise its front part, resulting in the dumping of whatever materials which previously occupied the bed. The materials would then be dumped on the ground behind the truck. At this point, it should be clear just how fitting the name dumper truck is to this extremely durable truck type.

Importance of Certain Types of Dump Trucks

With regards to types of dump trucks and their advantages, we will be kicking things off with the standard dump trucks. The key advantage of the standard dump truck is as a result of its shorter wheelbase.

The wheelbase refers to the distance between the centers of the front and the rear wheels. The shorter this distance, the more maneuverable the vehicle in question, which in this case is the standard dump truck. So if you need a dump truck capable of navigating treacherous terrain, the standard dump truck is your best bet.

Next, we have the transfer dump trucks. This is basically a standard dump truck onto which an additional trailer with its own cargo container is attached. This means that you get a standard truck that is capable is carrying double the amount of load with little effect on its stability. The maneuverable feature of the standard dump truck is also largely retained.

Third but not least we have the super dumper trucks. Also known as super dumps, these trucks multiply the payload of the standard dump truck. Not just payload. The return on investment as well as productivity is also multiplied exponentially.


In conclusion, every type of dump truck has a unique aspect. So in the end, not all dump trucks are the same. There is a need to know these differences. This is because using the wrong dump truck for the wrong task might get the job done but lead to reduced productivity. Not to mention higher expenses.

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