A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Training Collars

by Charles Timbang

In the quest to know why you need dog training collars, you need to understand that all dogs are entitled to a collar. This is because you need to hang your dog’s leash on a collar or put a rabies vaccination or an identification tag on it.

Dog training collars are used beyond beautification or identification. You can also use it to train your dog, discourage him from barking, chase away ticks and fleas or protect them from injuries.

However, there are so many dog training collars in the market. So if you need to get one for your dog, you need to know the type of collar that suits your dog’s personality.

Here are the various types of dog training collars available:

Flat Collars

This standard dog training collar has a plastic snap or buckles for quick opening or closure, and it also has a ring that can be used to attach identification tags.

Flat collars can be comfortable on your dog’s neck. However, it shouldn’t be so tight that he can’t breathe properly or so loose it could fall off.

As long as two of your fingers can find their way under the collar once your dog wears it, it’s fine.

Head Collars

This is similar to what horses wear as it will sit high on your pet’s head and fit around his neck while the other collar strap forms something that looks like a hoop around your dog’s muzzle.

The muzzle loop has a ring that you can attach a leash to.

These dog training collars are worn by energetic and powerful dogs who love to jump and pull their handlers.

This kind of collars helps you have the upper hand while walking your dog because it stops the dog from pulling the leash with all its strength and enthusiasm.

It is important to note that it will take patience for your dog to get accustomed to the head collar. Perhaps, you can give him some treats when he wears it. Once your dog is comfortable wearing the head collar, you should only put it on them once you’re going out with them.

As a safety measure, make sure the head collar is properly worn, so the dog doesn’t sustain any injury.

Martingale Dog Collars

Another name for the martingale collar is the Limited slip collar. These dog training collars are perfect for dogs with narrow heads like the Whippets, Greyhounds Saluki, and other sighthounds.

You can also use these types of collars on any breed found to always slip out of their collar.

The structure of the martingale collar is such that it has a metal ring at each end with a separate loop of material passing through each of the two rings.

This collar is amazing because once it is properly worn if your dog tries to slip out of his collar, the martingale collar will tighten around his neck. But don’t worry, it will not choke him.

All dogs deserve a collar; get one for your dog today.

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