Common mistakes associated with the use of medical masks

by Charles Timbang
face mask

Viral infections are one of the many times of diseases that abound, and it’s easily transferable. Often, the sneezing action of an infected person close to you could make you a potential carrier. In a bid to curb the spread of some of these infections, the use of medical masks and other protective equipment have become sacrosanct.

You must have gotten accustomed to the use of facial masks due to the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus. However, there’s a belief that quite some people go about the use of their mask the wrong way. If these claims are valid, the purpose of wearing the face masks becomes defeated.

Do not wear a torn mask.

Wearing a torn surgical mask is equivalent to putting yourself in harm’s way. The mask is meant to shield your mouth and nose from particles and droplets. If a part of the mask is torn or ripped, it becomes unusable. A proper medical mask is not meant to have holes or gaps on the surface.

Do not leave either nose or mouth.

The coronavirus attacks the respiratory system, and the two vital respiratory inlets are your nose and mouth. Medical masks are designed to shield both of these channels to prevent such occurrences. You must ensure that the mask covers both your nose and mouth without fail.

Don’t wear the mask while it’s damp

Corona is contracted via droplets that emanate from the sneezing or coughing action of an infected person. These droplets are carried by air, and they tend to settle on whatever surface they come in contact with. While your medical masks repel the droplets, some of these droplets could settle on the mask for a while. Upon using your mask, you must dry it to ensure such moistures completely dry before you use the mask again.

Don’t touch the front of the mask.

You should know that the surface of the mask is usually contaminated as it’s the part that screens incoming droplets. It’s essential that you don’t touch that part of the mask with your bare hands; if this happens inadvertently, ensure you sanitize the hand immediately.

Do not remove the mask at will.

You must have encountered extreme difficulties speaking to someone while your mask is on, this is not an excuse to remove the mask.

Keep away from contaminated areas.

The use of your medical mask should be restricted to only clean surfaces. Leaving your mask on contaminated surfaces puts you at high risk as those harmful organisms are spread all over such surfaces.

Keep away from pets

It’s no hidden fact that you cherish and value the presence of your pets around you. However, your pets could be carrying harmful organisms on the paws. Ensure you keep your medical masks away from your pets as much as you can.

Final thoughts

Masks have become an essential part of your daily routine, and it serves a wide variety of uses. Keeping your N95 mask in pristine condition is quite crucial to ensure effectiveness.

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