Aquagem Pool Pump Vs Speck Pool Pump

by Charles Timbang
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It is always a delight to watch how businesses grow from startups to big corporations. Two giants of the pool pump; Aquagem and Specks have grown into well-established, corporate organizations.

This article will compare these corporations. It will discuss key differences and similarities between these manufacturers and suppliers of pool pumps. Click here to check them out.


This is a corporation that specializes in the manufacture and supply of pool accessories. The company is based in China.

The company is dedicated to keeping pool users happy by providing necessary accessories to make the pool experience better.

Aquagem is also focused on reducing its carbon dioxide footprint as part of the “save the planet” campaign.

Aquagem participated in the “Go Green, go Smart” campaign that took place in 2019. Aquagem came up with the first touch screen frequency inverter.

Specks Pumps

Specks have been in the business of making pumps for over thirty-five years. They produce swimming pools, spas, and aquaculture applications.

Specks also produce a long list of pumps and swimming accessories. They are dedicated to giving the best services and quality for their esteemed customers.


There are a few differences in how these manufacturers run their businesses.

1. Market place

There is a difference in how they market their products. This is evident when you do a google search.

You find out that Aquagem does not have their pool pumps nor any other product on E-bay or any other third-party website.

On the other hand, E-bay has some pool accessories from specks. These items have pictures and prices attached to them.

Aquagem seems to take everyone to the website. This means they have a way of taking people from google to the website to view and make purchases.

2. Product style

Even though the products may seem the same, there seem to be significant differences in how the products are made and marketed.

Aquagem has a product called the Inversilence. It works for silent operation, allows the inverter to run between 40% to 100%, and brings down the sound.

The Inversilence is 30 times more silent than the normal pumps. This device is built for luxury and convenience. And it is a touchscreen device.

Seeing that Specks does not have one like this even though they have the Badu swim jet, it is a plus for Aquagem.

3. Prices

The Aquagem and Specks comparison is a beautiful one. Both manufacturers are popular for providing pool services and the completion makes it even better.

While some of the items on e-bay displayed photographs and prices of some products from specks, there is also an option to buy it from there.

These prices seem good for the quality of available products and the quality that the company produces. Aquagem also has decent prices for the quality of products.

Touchscreen products are usually more expensive to purchase and maintain. Considering that the product will make contact with water regularly, extra measures have been put in place for safety.


While both manufacturers are innovative and produce quality. Aquagem’s products have a sleeker look, digital, and touchscreen. Because of this, their products are significantly better.

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