Why Should You Work With Top Wholesale Clothing Brands

by Charles Timbang

The clothing industry features a wide range of wholesale clothing brands. These brands provide retailers with high-quality and standard products that they can sell to individual clients for profit. Some of the latest wholesale clothing brands also sell to individual clients. SHEWIN is one of the top wholesale clothing brands on the internet. This write-up covers the advantages and disadvantages of working with top wholesale clothing brands.

Advantages of buying from wholesale clothing brands

Working with wholesale clothing brands offers numerous benefits for your business. Below are some of these benefits;

1. You get high standard products

The best wholesale clothing brands offer high-standard products. They provide you with dozens of product catalogs to choose from. Therefore, if you own a retail store or want to purchase clothes for personal use, you are guaranteed similar products. This is especially beneficial to retailers because they can provide standard products and build a brand around the products.

2. You get to purchase products in bulk

Most wholesalers require a standard first-time order. This means that there is a specific quantity of goods you can purchase as your first-time order. When the stock runs out or decreases, you can place smaller reorders. Therefore, you can make bulk purchases at factory prices.

3. Fast turnaround

Working with wholesale clothing brands also helps you get a faster turnaround. This is better than working with the manufacturers or factories directly. The wholesalers operate as middlemen between retailers and factories. Therefore, you need not worry about waiting for weeks or months for the products to get manufacturers. With wholesale clothing brands, you get to order from the items in the catalog and receive the products quickly. However, sometimes, the fast turnaround may negatively impact the product quality.

The disadvantages of wholesale clothing brands

While wholesale clothing brands offer numerous benefits, they also have some downsides. The following are some of the primary downsides;

1. You have less control over the price

Working with a wholesale clothing brand gives you less control over the prices you sell the products. This is because your prices will depend on the wholesale prices. Naturally, you have to increase the prices slightly to make a profit. Regardless, you still have minimal control because you must base your prices on the wholesaler’s prices.

Why should you buy from SHEWIN?

SHEWIN is a leading wholesale clothing brand. Below are some reasons you should purchase from SHEWIN;

  • The company focuses on the latest fashion trends when designing its products. This way, you are guaranteed pieces that will sell fast and attract a lot of clients
  • The wholesale clothing brand produces exceptional products featuring incredible quality
  • The company serves millions of clients worldwide
  • SHEWIN offers competitive prices (factory prices). This means that you get to enjoy bigger profits and save more money
  • SHEWIN delivers products to international clients and guarantees a fast turnaround


It is worth mentioning that SHEWIN is an online wholesale brand that largely focuses on women’s products. This means they do not have a physical store that you can visit, and most operations are conducted online. However, this does not have to be an issue as the company is highly reputable and has ample experience in the market.

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