Things to Know Before Your Visit to Yiwu Market

by Charles Timbang

Yiwu, which once was an agricultural city in China, has been converted into the world’s largest commodity market, focusing on almost every niche. As it developed, the Yiwu market established several small clusters in different parts of Zhejiang. All of these industrial groups are responsible for transporting goods to the main market and are referred to as the Yiwu Wholesale Market

The most prominent one among them is called the International Trade City or the Futian Market. Along with the main market and all of its commodities, there are now specialized streets that have become an integral part of the whole system. These came into existence when more and more people decided to do business in the Yiwu market, and due to the lack of space, they took to the streets nearby.

The Districts of Futian Market

The main Futian Market is responsible for trading with over 200 countries across the world. It is spread over almost 5 districts. Each district is responsible for a specific product category.

District 1 offers mainly toys and accessories while district 2 contains all hardware products and electronics. District 3 features optics, stationary, and cosmetic products, while District 4 is dedicated to all clothing accessories and knitting products. Automobile parts and multiple other services are available in District 5.

Small Commodity Wholesale Markets

Whatever is not available in the Futian Market will be available in its subsidiaries. The International Production Material Market specializes in heavy machinery and equipment, while high-quality clothing can be purchased from the Huangyuan Clothing Market. There’s also the Yiwu Furniture Market and the Digital Market, which are more concerned with retail than wholesale. Others include Zhezhong Timber Market, Yiwu Material Market, and Communication Market.

Sourcing Products and Dealing With Suppliers

Finding your way to the Yiwu market is not a problem at all. The hard part comes afterward when finding the best suppliers and dealing with them. Usually, these suppliers are not fluent English speakers. They know as far as talking prices about the different products. However, if you want to learn more about goods production, customization, or transportation, you’ll need to bring a translator or a sourcing agent with you on this journey.

Shipment Methods

There are several ways to ship your order to your home country. If you’re opting for an express delivery, try to avoid the usual FedEx, UPS, DHL, and such services as they do not offer any discounts. To assist you to get the maximum benefit, Yiwu also provides express services through which you can avail up to a 30-50% discount off the regular express cost.

For sea or air delivery, there are multiple freight forwarding companies you can easily find near the Futian district. It is recommended that you select a company that specializes in your country line because they will provide a complete quote for your country, including customs clearance. However, if your destination is along the Yixinou Railway, the goods can be transported for almost half the cost of an air shipment.


The Yiwu wholesale market, compared to the Canton Fair or Alibaba, is more advantageous as you are allowed to make small quantity orders. You also get the freedom to buy from as many different suppliers as you want and have them delivered in one shipment. Well, then what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Yiwu Market today!

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