Are Original Handmade Swords Obtainable Today?

by Charles Timbang

Swords are elegant. Ask any sword enthusiast, they will tell you that a good sword is as sharp as it is elegant. An original handmade sword is even more chilling. The cold sheen of the blade is nothing if not captivating. The grip of the handle is convenient. The inscriptions on the sword seem to have a way of making one’s blood seemingly boil.

Handmade swords have always been part of human history. Their stories echo through the ages. It is quite sad that original handmade swords seem to have vanished today. But have they vanished? Before we answer that let’s learn more about original handmade swords. Try for more related info. But for now, how about a brief history of swords?

Brief History on Original Handmade Swords

In feudal Japan, the way of the sword was a noble path. A path tread upon by the noblest of men. Men who were willing to put others first. Men who put their daimyo before their interests. It was the age of the samurai warriors.

Swords were obviously in use before then. Various civilizations across time used swords, arrows, and other forms of projectiles to engage in warfare. But one constant is that handmade swords have always been viewed as the weapon of choice for valiant warriors.

Nevertheless, the age of the samurai warriors was particularly unique. Handmade swords were luxuries only a few noblemen at the time could afford. Fun fact, the title of samurai was noble and hereditary. This is why even from boyhood, they were taught to walk “the path of the samurai”. Samurai warriors were the only ones permitted to strap on two swords at their sides.

Uses of Original Handmade Swords Worn by Samurai

The two swords worn by the samurai were of differing characteristics. One was a long sword and the other, a short sword.

The long sword carried by the samurai was either the Tachi or the katana. These long swords were mostly used in customary and festive samurai challenges. These long swords were also the ideal weapons of choice in battles fought in feudal Japan.

As for the short swords, they were also very important. The typical short sword was the wakizashi. The wakizashi was used majorly in place of the long swords should the need arise. For instance, short swords were perfect for close quarters armed combat between soldiers on the battlefield.  

Not just that. The wakizashi was used for the ritual disembowelment of dishonored samurai. A ritual among the samurai traditionally known as the Seppuku.

Today these swords are not as popular as they used to be. But this does not mean that they are extinct. Far from it. It is possible to order for your customized original handmade sword today. The forging techniques and practices have survived the test of time.


If you are a sword enthusiast, then this is an opportunity for you. purchase your very own original handmade sword today. You might not have experienced the swords in their glory days but you can experience their splendor today.

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