Various types of fanny packs rocking the world

by Charles Timbang

Fanny packs are the most underappreciated wonders of the world because it has brought a huge relief to minor troubles that we don’t acknowledge in our everyday life, like keeping our treasured properties in a safe place. Contrary to popular opinion, all fanny packs are not the same. There are different types of fanny packs that suit different purposes but have a general design.

Speaking of purposes, fanny packs can be used for different things. I often use a fanny pack for swimming, especially waterproof fanny packs because it allows me to keep all my properties safe and close to me, but also gives me the freedom to do what I want to do.

Going down memory lane, fanny packs were popular fashion accessories. You weren’t following the trend if you didn’t have a fanny pack. But as the use went down over the years, manufacturers have to produce different types of fanny packs to suit modern day style.

Without further ado, let’s look at these types

What types of fanny packs exist?

1. Running Fanny Pack

Our health is our most prized possession, and millions of people all over the world are seeking ways to improve their lives and make healthier choices. Are you trying to live healthy? Are you seeking ways to be active and productive?

If yes, then the best activity for you is exercise- early morning jogs or run, or intense workout sessions. If you go for either of these, then a running fanny pack should be your go-to. This pack can give you the freedom you need while keeping your treasured personal belongings safe.

Waterproof fanny packs can also be used for swimming.

Wouldn’t you like that?

2. Hip fanny pack

This is the most popular one. It can be worn to all sorts of informal occasions, whether you’re representing trendy, chic, or sporty fashions. Just as the name implies, it is worn on your hip and placed in front, so there is easy access to your phone, keys, wallet, credit/debit cards, etc.

Most importantly, it’s in a safe and secure place. No one can touch your belongings without your permission.

3. Shoulder fanny pack

The beautiful thing about fanny packs is that they are very versatile and can be worn just the way the owner wants it. So, a hip fanny pack can turn into a shoulder fanny pack. All you have to do is adjust the strap.

Nevertheless, several designer fanny packs are meant to be worn on the shoulder. Just like the hip fanny pack, they keep your hands free to do whatever you want while protecting your belongings.

4. Funny packs

Are you a creative looking for something out-of-the-box, fun, and fabulous? Look no further, as funny fanny packs are here at your request.

5. Holographic fanny packs

As mentioned earlier, due to the massive drop in the purchase and use of fanny packs, manufacturers had to design a way for people to be interested in their products. This decade saw the rise of holographic fanny packs, which are pretty cool.

For those wondering what it is, it’s simply a fanny pack whose exterior is designed from a light interference pattern.

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