Top Features of a Xiecheng Granulating Machine

by Charles Timbang

Xiecheng is a China-based company that deals mainly with the manufacture of plastic granulators. Additionally, Xiecheng also produces and sells Integrated System Solution and large Refrigerating equipment for industries.

Although there are many plastic granulators available in the market, Xiecheng Plastic granulating machines will always stand out. This is as a result of the great reputation this company has built over the years for producing high-quality products.

A plastic granulator is a machine that recycles empty plastic products. Normally, this plastic granulator can recycle plastic of all kinds including bags, automobile bumpers, pipes, basins, beverage bottles, and barrels made from Polypropylene, high-pressure Polyethylene, and low-pressure Polyethylene.

Features of Xiecheng Granulating Machine

Every Xiecheng Granulating machine is designed to have a high performance-price ratio with a less than 40% decrease in energy consumption. Mounting the device is very simple and clear so you don’t need the services of a professional when you get one.

With a Xiecheng plastic granulator, every process is mechanized including feeding, crushing, pelletizing, and even cleaning.

Below are other factors of this device

  • It has a sleek design and a beautiful appearance, an idea courtesy of Germany device drawing. The parts of the machine that comes in contact with the plastic are made of stainless steel. This further promotes the durability of the device.
  • It is highly automated. Therefore it requires little manpower as long as there is a person available to put in the waste and another person to collect the output, you are good to go. You don’t have to monitor every detail of the process.
  • It contains a hopper and a fan. After the plastic is granulated, it is cooled and cut directly. The fan now carries it to the hopper thereby reducing the occurrence of ‘broken wire’
  • Xiecheng granulating machine contains an outfall and a vacuum pump placed above the barrel. The purpose of this feature is to ensure that granules produced are of high quality.
  • The size and nature of granules can be adjusted. It all depends on what you want, it can be thick or light. The shape of the granules is normally cylindrical.
  • It produces high-quality granules that are fully round and totally free from bubbles.
  • The main and supplementary components of the machine are fully combined to make a full production set.
  • The conical screw barrel ensures that the input is supplied at a high speed to optimize performance.
  • Heating temperature is designed to be stable to improve the plastics ‘molecular structure. Heating causes permeability and as a result, the quality of Plastic granules produced is improved.
  • The main components of a plastic granulator include an automatic grain cutter, a pulverizer, and an extruder. All of these components including Forced feeding devices are designed to utilize an inverter control.


Xiecheng Granulating machines are used for the recycling of plastic products. They are highly automated with sleek German finishing. It is very durable and flexible producing high-quality plastic granules.

If you ever need to buy a Granulating machine, be rest assured that the Xiecheng Granulating machine is one of the best.

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