Top 10 Architectural Designs Plans by RJ Models

by Charles Timbang

The world has been witnessing an increasing number of unique and highly designed buildings. Have you ever asked yourself who designs those elegant buildings around you? Thanks to prominent designers like RJ Models, you can have your dream building designed and built. Coming up with an admirable building that will win people eyes on the streets takes a significant brain. Here is a rundown of what to expect with scale model building.

RJ Models is an international architectural model maker that specializes in designing the best buildings in the world. This motivated company designs over 700 architectural models each year, committing itself to deliver high-quality models. For RJ Models, working worldwide is not their only priority, but they also strive to gets the chance to work closely with its clients to ensure a substantial achievement by designing the finest scale model Buildings.

How RJ Models Has Achieved its Scale Model Building

1. Master Plan Models

RJ Models has worked hard to push great ideas on top. The master plan works by allowing architectural scale and space settings between areas to give the first impression of urban planning and attract visitors but not forget each client’s preference and specifications.

Most property developers want this type of plan to go with the area’s relations to the surrounding. Some of the massive master plan models done by RJ Models are the Doha City Planning Model, Istanbul Urban Planning Model, Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel Master Plan, Dubai Beach Project Urban Plan, City Planning Model of Hengqin Wanxiang World, and many more successful plans.

2. Office Building Plan

Office building models are highly effective because they have a great number of visual impacts. When designed uniquely, they attract a voluminous number of entrepreneurs willing to open business stores or offices.

Some of the best office building plans created by RJ Models are Swiss Re Tower, Tencent Office Building, 30 Hudson Yard Office Space, Atrium City Tower, Hearst Tower, and many more.

3. Residential Building Models

Architectural models are great tools to showcase your potential to house buyers and investors. As a resident, you want a beautiful setting with clear roads and paths leading to your residence. These models are designed with the client’s expectations and approval.

With so much demand in residential settings, RJ Models has managed to design a long list of projects including; Omkar Worli Residence, Chelsea Waterfront, Bvlgari Island, The Gate Residence, and Residential Model of Tarlabsi, etc.

4. Airport Models

Because RJ Models present the best architectural designs worldwide, the company has had opportunities to get exhibitions and tenders to plan the world’s most beautiful and busiest airports. RJ Models has successfully designed international airports like The Stansted, The New Hamad, Hong Kong, etc.

5. Stadium Models

RJ Models has designed many stadiums across the globe, including Tokyo National Stadium, Kuwait University Stadium, and Qatar Stadium. The company ensures to deliver the best to its clients by designing their thoughts to reality.

6. Hotel Models

With RJ Models, your hotel dream is just days away. So far, the highly skilled company has Designed beautiful hotels like the Buji Al Arab, The Ritz Carlton, The Four Seasons Bahrain, The Macau Persian, etc.

7. Shopping Malls

RJ Models designed great malls like Jumeirah Hills, Shengzhen Bay, The Mix, and other malls in Dubai. Most countries with grand buildings are on the top list of the world’s most beautiful cities

8. Theme Park Models

Excellent theme park models take entertainment to the next level. Also, wondrous sceneries attract tourists for fun and adventure. RJ Models has designed theme parks like The Monkey Kingdom in China, Jumeirah Cove in Dubai, The Ocean Park in Hong Kong, and The Sahara Hybrid in India.

9. School Architectural Designs

RJ Models has been glad to design school buildings like the Horace Mann, Kuwait University, and Hong Kong University. When your school’s architectural design rocks the world, you are guaranteed to attract brilliant students from all over the world, which is a good sign of your economy’s growth.

10. Hospital Models

Highly designed hospitals play a crucial role in society. A hospital requires a great plan to ensure that all areas are well designed to meet the client’s guidelines. RJ Models designed hospitals like the Turkey District, St. Paul’s, and Queen Elizabeth in Hong Kong, Yishun Community in Singapore, and Shaikh Khalifa Medical City.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the above architectural model plans, RJ Models has successfully completed other designs from façades to mosques, villas, bridges, landscape, industrial, museum, and interior designs globally. The skillful company continues to amaze the world with its gifted power to produce great works of art.

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