Outdoor advertising led display screen

by Charles Timbang

What is the outdoor advertising LED display screen? Outdoor LED displays are used for advertising, promotion, and informative purposes. You can install them easily almost anywhere and they will do their job effectively. You can use them 24/7. They consume less electricity, have a long life, low-maintenance and are eco-friendly. They are available in a variety of sizes and you can also make one according to your custom needs. You can make one giant billboard, signboards, advertising banners, LED boards, LED video walls, perimeter LED boards, with the help of LED screens.

LED screens and displays can be used at many points and places. Some of the popular ones are given below;

Outdoor advertising LED display

The most important use of LED displays is for advertisement purposes. This includes billboards, banners, perimeter boards, boards, signboards, etc. They can be installed at various locations of choice.

Outdoor rental LED display

It is the same as outdoor advertising with the only difference that their location is not permanent. They can be installed and uninstalled at various locations as per requirement.

Outdoor transparent LED display

Transparent LED display is an innovation of recent times. It lets viewers see things behind the screen as well. This has become possible due to the material, structure, and design of the display screen. It is not 100% transparent, the transparent rate is around 50-95%. The thickness is around 10mm. It is just like a glass.

Outdoor LED stage display

LEDs have become quite popular for stage productions. People in the back seats can now see the action on stage thanks to these screens. They are usually large and very bright to produce a visible image. They are used in entertainment events and art exhibitions.

Outdoor LED sports display

Like entertainment events, LEDs have become very popular to broadcast sporting events too. They are installed inside and out of the sporting arenas to bring spectators closer to the game. Their installation has helped rekindle the interest in live sporting events.

Outdoor digital display

Outdoor digital displays are used for a variety of purposes. They can be installed on roads to provide traffic updates, in airports and railway stations to give information about trains and airplanes’ schedule and in sports to display scorecard. The uses are multiple and varied and you can use it for your advantage.

Outdoor LED video display

In such kinds of displays, a video is run on a loop on a large screen. Usually, the video is of an educational or informative nature. You can install it at any event to give information to the visitors, on election day telling people how and where to vote or videos that give useful information on health, social issues, etc. to the general public.

Outdoor full color LED display

What is life without colors? From the time first black and white image surfaced man had been striving to convert it to colors. Once that was accomplished, the race is on to bring colors as close to real-life as possible. LEDs are no exception. They take pride in reproducing colors on screen as close to nature as possible. They look attractive and capture your attention.

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