Top TFT LCD module products

by Charles Timbang
TFT LCD Display Modules

 Everyone loves quality products. This is why STONE Technologies have consistently proven to be a leading authority in the electronics world over the years. It is one of the leading manufacturers of HMI, the intelligent TFT LCD modules.

This company has proven to inculcate new world technologies and adapt to structural changes, as their products have seen massive development and improvements over the years, from their original Command Set Series to their Intelligent V series.

If you have been looking for a company that develops high-quality LCD display, look no further, as STONE Technologies is your best bet!

If you are probably hearing about the company or their products for the first time, and are still skeptical, here are some of their 3.5’’ TFT LCD module products that are sure to blow your mind. There are other sizes, but we will focus on the 3.5’’, which is their product line’s smallest size:

STVIO35WT-01: This is an industrial type TFT LCD Module product. The CPU is a 32-bit Cortex M4 and can be controlled through simple HEX instruction.

The beautiful thing about this product is that it comes with design software and normal control program (often called the Tool Box), which helps the user navigate their way through the product

It has different resolutions (320 x 240(4:3), 320 x 480 (4:3), 320 x 480 (16:9)). The brightness measured in cd/m2 is about 400. It has a crazy picture switching speed of about 12ms per picture, which is roughly about 83 pictures every second.

The memory amount of the picture depends on the capacity of the image. The jpg format is often recommended. The standard memory is 128MB, but it has an extensive storage of over 1GB.

This product makes it easy for engineers to produce a TFT LCD user interface and optimize control functions, thereby reducing the time and cost of development.

STVA035WT-01: This is an advanced type mini smart TFT LCD Module product. Its CPU is also Cortex M4, and has the same picture switching speed, flash memory and memory amount as the industrial type. The voltage ranges from 6V to 40V (the normal value is 12V). STONE Technologies ensure that it uses panels of very high quality from Innolux (1000 nits backlight), so expect it to be very powerful.

The brightness measured in cd/m2 is either 400 or 1000.

Users can use the design software and control program to set functions like the graphical user interface, the slider, keyboard, curve, figures, downloads, touch button, data storage, etc.

The viewing area measures about 70.1mm x 52.6mm, and the touch screen uses industry level wire resistance, so it has maximum protection.

STVCO35WT-01: This is the civil type small-sized intelligent TFT LCD module. This is one of the leading HMI solutions. This product has flash memory, CPU and driver integrated into it and works with a different type of interface. Its command set is also customized. A GUI designer is needed with this product.

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