What Are CNC Press Brakes?

by Charles Timbang
Press Brake

You must have heard it before and you are probably wondering what press brakes are, why you need them, what CNC press brakes do and so much more. Press brakes are machines that are used for the bending of the metal sheet. How this works is that the material is put above a V-shaped die, then it is pressed into by a punch above.

Press brakes are machines that can bend both simple and complex parts. These machines can also be used to fit a lot in things in various industries which include housing, cabinets, automotive and even aircraft. If you’re constructing anything for any purpose and there is a need to bend metal panels, then the use of a press brake is essential. This is a reason why they are very common in machine shops and job shops.

When purchasing a press brake, people get confused as they do not know which to buy and how to go about it. One of the most important thing to know about press brakes and purchasing one are bending length and tonnage. However, you should know that each of these specifications is greatly dependent on the thickness and size of the materials you wish to bend. When you know this, purchasing a press brake will be a lot easier.

Bending Length

When purchasing a press brake, the bending length is the maximum length that can be bent with that particular one. If you chose a small press brake that has a 4-inch bending length, you wouldn’t be able to bend anything above because it’ll be too long. So when purchasing one, you need a press brake that suits your sheets or a little larger. This makes it a lot easier to be versatile in your bending.


The tonnage is the bending force of your press brakes. It helps to determine just how much pressure can be applied during and bend. Getting a press brake with higher tonnage lets you bend harder and thicker metals while getting one with lower tonnage is best for thinker metals.

CNC Press brakes

There are various types of press brakes out there and one of the most common types is hydraulic. When this is paired with CNC control, then you are sure it is going to boost and increase efficiency. These CNC hydraulic brakes come on various sizes and tonnages.

CNC stands for computer numerically controlled and bending is a process carried out by this during manufacturing. They can bend sheet metal and section them into meters. These press brakes either come with a fixed bottom bed that possesses a v block tool that is properly clamped in place and also features a top beam traveling under force. This is known as down forming.

Both of these processing methods will give you the same sheet metal components and you do not have to worry about any form of restriction in your design. CNC press brakes are one of the best ways to carry out a job faster and more efficiently.

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