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by Charles Timbang

Giraffe tools is a company that has dedicated it’s time to produce and supply innovative hoses and reels to different industries. They are the first to manufacture auto-retracting hose reels. Because of auto-retracting devices, their products have a record of retaining a premium quality for many years.

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Types of Hose Reel You Can Buy at Giraffe Tools

Here’s a list of available hose reels you can purchase from Giraffe tools.

1. Air Compressor Hose Reel

This type of hose reel can keep the compressed hose reel in store. This is done to preserve some space. If you’re purchasing an air compressor hose reel with no automatic winder, it means you have to apply energy while winding.

To manage this, you can use a quick connect to merge the hose to its reel. Slowly wind the hose into the reel, then let it roll as you put it back on the hose reel.

2. Retractable Air Hose Reel

This product is known to offer safe and easier delivery of compressed air. Oftentimes, it comes with a UV-resistant case. It’s fully enclosed, comes with a heavy-duty swivel elbow and duty spring. It helps to prevent annoying accidental falls.

Further, the retractable hose reel can reduce the leakage of air. It also encourages efficiency due to its ability to wind up automatically.

Finally, if you’re looking for a retractable hose reel that can stand the test of time, then you should opt for this!

3. Air hose reel

The Air hose reel is specifically designed to have air hoses wrapped and neatly stored. They can either be mounted on the ceiling or the wall, and us mostly used in car repair plants and garages.

If you own a shop, purchasing this air hose reel serves as a way of helping you organize your garage. They stop the occurrence of certain hazards in the environment. This may include the hose tangling around your feet and causing a fall in the process; unrolling the air hose and spending energy and time to roll it back up.

Additionally, purchasing air hose reels is also a means of tidying and freshening up the garage to use at any point. Giraffe tools offer you high-quality heavy-duty hose reels; you must look out for one and purchase it.

4. Hybrid air hose

A hybrid air hose is often made out of a blend of rubber and PVC. This makes it possible for you to enjoy the full benefits of both materials after purchase. Because they are often low weighted, Hybrid air hoses can easily maneuver PVC, and still maintain the flexibility of rubber.

Final Thoughts

In all, Giraffe tools have a reputation for produce only durable, high-quality products. This means that in some years to come, they will most likely produce more qualified hose reels that will serve a variety of needs to their prospects and existing clients.

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