Industries Where Anodizing Aluminum Is Used

by Charles Timbang

Ddprototype is a leading manufacturer of CNC parts in China. The company provides a wide range of CNC machining and rapid prototyping services. Ddprototype has also made a name for itself as an anodizing aluminum service provider. Aluminum anodizing is the process of forming a barrier layer of aluminum oxide through an electrochemical reaction. The protective layer hinders further reaction of the metal with oxygen and other chemicals. In this post, we discussed anodizing aluminum applications.

Industries where anodizing aluminum is used

Anodization can be applied in a wide range of industries. Most of these industries need to harden aluminum allows and enhance their durability. In some cases, the process is also applied because of the aesthetic qualities of anodized aluminum. Below are areas where anodizing aluminum is applied;

1. Manufacture of window panes

Anodizing aluminum is highly applied in the manufacture of modern window panes. Modern windows are usually made up of lightweight and corrosion-resistant alloys of aluminum. This is because they are exposed to a wide range of conditions that could affect their qualities and lifespan. For instance, they get rained on and exposed to oxygen in the air. Additionally, anodized aluminum window panes are much harder to bend. For this reason, they make windows airproof.

2. Making outdoor products

In addition to window panes, anodizing aluminum is also applied to manufacture a wide range of outdoor products, like light fixtures.

3. Making handheld devices

Anodized aluminum is also used to manufacture a wide range of handheld devices, like phones, speakers, and MP3 players. Most of the time, this material is used because it is strong enough to withstand drops and being struck constantly. Additionally, it protects these devices from scratches caused by keys and furniture.

Additionally, anodized aluminum does not get deformed. This is an essential element for handheld devices. Most of the time, the anodized aluminum material is not used to make the entire device. Anodized aluminum is used to make the enclosures for these appliances. Doing this makes the devices more durable. It also helps that anodized aluminum is light. This means that the handheld devices will not be too bulky.

4. Making aerospace products

Organizations like NASA use anodized aluminum to make parts of their space equipment. These metals are also used to make airplane parts. Anodized aluminum is highly preferred over other types of metals because there are light, durable, and attractive. Note that anodizing can be done on a wide range of aluminum alloys. This increases its applications.

Take Away

The process of anodizing aluminum is safe and easy. This means that it does not have any negative impacts on the environment. A wide range of industries can also apply it. However, this does not mean that companies like window plane manufacturers have to purchase anodizing aluminum equipment. Doing this can cost a lot of money, not only for purchasing the equipment but also for training your team to conduct the process. Therefore, companies like Ddprototype offer anodizing services. All you have to do is send your aluminum parts to the company and receive fully anodized products after a few days.

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