Brief Introduction to the Welding Positioners

by Charles Timbang

There are a lot of manufacturers of welding positioners today. However, people usually prefer to go to machines and products that would be more beneficial to them. Of course, every manufacturer has its specialty of the strong point.

However, when it comes to welding positioner manufacturers, it would be more beneficial for one to patronize reputable manufacturers. Everyone who deals on larger and heavy machinery knows that spending more on a quality product trumps purchasing a subpar one. This is because, in the long run, one ends up spending more on maintenance and repairs than necessary. Take the rotary welding table and welding positioners for instance.

These components are vital in the welding process. So it would be more advantageous to purchase from a reputable manufacturer. However, we will be focusing on welding positioners for this article. The uses of these welding positioners and how they assist the welding process.

Introduction to Welding Positioners

These welding positioners are machines that effect the changing of positions by turning the weldment. They turn the weldment over to give way for the weld seam on it (the weldment) will at all times be in a position that makes welding easy.

Benefits of the Welding Positioner

There are lots of benefits associated with using the welding positioner properly. We will consider the top benefits.

  1. When used appropriately, the welding positioner can effectively lead to an improvement in welding quality. But that is not all, not by a long shot.
  2. Welding positioners are also useful in leading to an improved rate of welding efficiency.
  3. The welding positioners are especially instrumental in leading to a marked reduction in the intensity of required labor. This makes the welding process a lot easier for the welders.

But these are just the practical benefits. In a world that is attempting to go completely automatic, the welding positioners are also useful. This is because they could be used in the formation of an automated welding center. But of course, they would have to be attached to a welding robot or an automatic manipulator to be able to function in this way.

What are the Types of Welding Positioners?

In order to properly classify welding positioners, there are various criteria. The classification could be based on their function, the surface they are used, and many more features. So a few types include:

  1. Benchtop welding positioners: small and large benchtop welding positioners.
  2. Double column welding positioners
  3. Single-axis rotary welding positioners
  4. Lifting type double column welding positioners
  5. L type welding positioners
  6. Small manual welding positioner
  7. Benchtop pipe welding positioner and many more.

Before picking a type to use, consider a few factors such as its:

  • Centre of gravity
  • Capacities
  • Rotation speed (where applicable), etc.


At the end of the day, it all depends on what exactly the welding positioner is being used for. If one is in the market to purchase a welding positioner, it would be better to ensure that all the details of its use be considered properly.

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