Tips to help you avoid risks associated with the purchase of RS3 gold coins

by Charles Timbang
Runescape game

Buying RuneScape gold is a challenging chore that can lose you, not just your money but also your game account. The good news is that many places to buy RS3 gold exist. But the bad news is the enormous risks associated with buying gold for RuneScape.

RuneScape is a popular game that stops being so fun when you run out of gold. You can spend some hours mining for the gold that you need, but that spoils the game for you. The fastest and best way to get some gold for your RuneScape experience is to buy it.

Here are the biggest reasons why buying RS3 gold from credible sites is your best option.

The Ban Hammer

When you buy RS3 gold, you’re violating one of the many rules of Jagex that forbidding real-world trading. Jagex can’t afford to allow such trading on its platform because it ruins other people’s games. There’s also the fact that Jagex is losing potential bond sales with every RuneScape gold you buy from untrustworthy sources.

All the above give Jagex a strong reason to ban you from RuneScape if you trade RS3 gold. However, the good news is that as long as you’re careful to use only credible sites, you’re unlikely to get banned. Reliable sites often get the gold they sell by buying bonds, converting it to RuneScape gold, and selling at a profit.

Untrustworthy sources, on the other hand, may use bot farming systems that Jagex doesn’t like. These sites may also have flagged accounts that the developers are already monitoring. All these can get you banned from RuneScape.

Frauds and Scams

The elephant in the room is, of course, fraud and scams. Some untrustworthy RS3 gold sellers are after your account details for fraud purposes and not credible trade. Transacting with these sellers may lose you a lot more money than you’d save by using reliable sources.

Contrary to popular perception, there are no robot armies that farm RuneScape gold for RS3 gold traders. They either buy their gold from other players in-game or convert it from bonds. Usually, you’ll pay significantly less with an untrustworthy seller than a credible source. However, most of these traders are only after your money and will vanish the moment you pay them.

So, the best way to know if a trader is credible is to check their prices. It’s more likely the seller is running a scam that can get you banned if the gold is too cheap.

Actual Criminals

Criminals use a method called carding to perpetrate frauds that may land you in a jail cell. It involves stealing a credit card, buying bonds with them, and selling for cash. Whereas these actors can remain anonymous by various means, you don’t have such protections. However, credible sites aren’t associated with such dangers.

Final Thought

All these doesn’t change the fact that buying RuneScape Gold from either untrustworthy or credible sources is entirely illegal. You aren’t just ruining the gameplay for others, but you’re also making Jagex lose money. However, carefulness in volume and using the right sellers keep you be safe when you buy RS3 gold.

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