Education apps can be more profitable than other apps

by Charles Timbang

If someone asks you a question about which app is at the top position in your play store, your answer most probably will be social media apps such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. If you answer concerning the categories of apps, you will place photo editing, social media, and gaming apps on the top. A slightly lesser place is given to shopping apps as well. We are so involved in these typical apps that we don’t realize the fact that there are other categories of apps in the play store that top the rest of the lot. Yes, I am not hallucinating.

The market for educational apps is growing across the world as parents and students look forward to technology to fulfill the gaps that are usually left by the traditional education system. However, one of the most important things regarding educational apps is the sound quality of lectures and presentations. Therefore, you should integrate into the app an advanced audiokit Android system by Huawei.

Education apps already are in business

Education apps already are in business. Take the example of or Coursera. Udemy is also rising like a star. These apps have proven that there is great potential in education apps to earn you a good amount of money. These apps are making massive profits for their owners. However, the condition is that you should produce high-quality educational content for the users. was so much successful that LinkedIn acquired it for $1.5 billion. India’s Byju has the reputation of collecting a whopping one hundred crore rupees in revenue.

On the brink of a revolution

While the world is busy in building and launching social media apps, photo editing apps, and entertainment apps, the education sector is getting closer to a revolution that would transform the entire sector. The traditional classroom method is being challenged and almost threatened by the latest technology.

I do not say that classrooms will be wiped off shortly. No one can deny the importance of the physical presence of a teacher in the classroom to oversee the progress of students and to answer their questions. What I am trying to say is that the time may be closer when the school management feels the need to develop educational apps for their students to include the material that teachers usually miss out on due to some reasons.

Benefits that an educational app has got for you

We are not there yet but we will soon be at the point where the educational sector will witness a sea change in the method of teaching. Take a look at the benefits that an educational app has for the students.

  • An educational app can help students learn faster and easier.
  • Students can go through the key concepts of their day to day lectures by unlocking their phone. It will not take more than a few seconds.
  • Teachers can include animations in their online lectures to help students learn faster.
  • The school management can add an automatic translation feature in the app so that students who belong to various backgrounds feel comfortable with the learning process.

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