Pixel Per Inches Explained and how to calculate it

by Charles Timbang
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When working with several devices, the knowledge of pixel per inches is extremely important to know the kind of screen you are working with.

Pixel per inch is known as a measure that is used to define the computer display resolution. In several cases, it is mostly described as pixel density. It is implemented in various devices and it is calculated by dividing the diagonal resolution by the diagonal size.

The truth is, the more the PPI, the more the image clarity will be. The best way to calculate the PPI is by using an online calculator. Online calculators are very efficient when it comes to calculating the pixels per inch of a screen.

There are several ways to calculate the pixel per inch manually but using the online calculator is the right step to get the best results.

The best online calculator you can use to calculate the pixels per inch is onlinecalculator.cc because it is a well-grounded online software that comes in with a lot of amazing features for you.

It helps you to calculate the display size in inches or centimeters, the Dots Per Inch, and the Pixels per inch with ease. It also helps you identify the inverse of the Pixels per inch.

How does it work?

The Pixel per inch online calculator works in simple steps. They are,

  • Enter the Horizontal Resolution of the screen.
  • Enter the Vertical Resolution of the Screen.
  • Enter the Diagonal Screen size.

After you have accurately placed all the required data, the online calculator will now calculate the Total Pixels, The Aspect Ratio, the width and height of the screen, the PPI, and the DPI.

Benefits of using the PPI Calculator.

As you can see, it is a very seamless process that requires no hassle. There are a lot of benefits of using the online calculator software to calculate the pixels per inch.

  • It is fast and error-free

While calculating manually, you are bound to run into a lot of errors which may not give you the right results you need. The good thing about this online calculator is that all you need to know are your required parameters.

The entire calculation is done for you without hassle. If you are slower when it comes to calculations, then this should be the right option for you to choose from.

  • It is free.

Most people often hesitate when it comes to using this software because they often think that it has a high price tag attached to it. This is wrong.

The online calculator is completely free and it does not have any complications especially during use. It gives you the best results at all times.

If you are looking for a way to calculator tour screen pixels and get the best results, then go over to onlinecalculators and do all your necessary calculations with ease.

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